Yehuda Gellman Liberalism, Communitarianism, and Orthodox Jewish Feminism

Orthodox Jewish “ feminism " is a blessing to the Jewish people . Women diligently studying our texts , women scholars , women ’ s enhanced spirituality , and women actively participating in Orthodox life and rituals all enrich ’women s religious life , and likewise the religious life of men . The change has provided and yet promises a blessed enhancement of Orthodox Jewish life both in the home and in Orthodox institutional life . At the same time , Orthodox feminism has been unsettling of what had been until then a consensus of Orthodox halachah on matters pertaining to women . 2 That kind of halachah remains with those unmoved by the feminist program , and for my purposes here I will call it simply “ pre - feminist " halachah . Pre - feminist Orthodox halachah consists of univocal authoritative rulings as well as of halachic practices around which a consensus emerged out of sources varied and ambiguous enough to incline in a number of directions not taken . Thus , 1 It was my origin...  אל הספר
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