Tradition and Change in the Transition from Manuscript to Print Zeev Gries The transition from manuscript to print involved certain aspects of book design in its manuscript form being adapted to the printing press . The gloss , an interpretation or addition on the margins of the manuscript , was converted into the paratext in the printing press . The Hebrew paratexts ( Hebrew : Nosei Kelim ) were abridgments of commentaries written on the main text , which was put in the middle of the page to denote its canonical status , while the paratext surrounded it on the margins of the page . Many unabridged commentaries that failed to become paratexts were hardly known and almost disappeared . During the Incunabula period few Hebrew texts were published , but among these were a significant number of Pentateuchs , which were in demand for elementary reading in schools and in the synagogues , and Psalms , which became a book for common daily religious readings . The fact that only few prayer book...  אל הספר
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