ANGEL SÁENZ-BADILLOS Realistic Trends in Bonafed’s Poetry

REALISM VERSUS CONVENTIONAL FORMALISM AS POETIC TRENDS Realism has been described as “ a fundamental constant of all literature , its first theoretical foundation being the principle of mimesis in Aristotle’s Poetics . " Further , as the Spanish writer Pedro Salinas said , “ The subject of poetry is the whole world . Total reality . " A theoretical discussion on the relationship between art , poetry , literature and reality is not my intention in this paper . In the same way , I would not try to identify any period or any author in the history of medieval literature with one or other of these two poles , realism or conventional formalism , even assuming that we actually see them as two extremes . One could probably argue that every poet writes using a large number of formal conventions and , at the same time , uses many elements taken directly from reality . This is obvious , and nobody can deny it . My purpose in choosing this topic is the fact that I have asked myself many times what...  אל הספר
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