JUDIT TARGARONA BORRÁS AND TIRZA VARDI Solomon ben Meshullam de Piera Unpublished Poem for the Year 1391

I . PRESENTATION The main poem edited here is the “ voice" of the terrible personal experiences lived by Solomon de Piera and the Jewish people in Sepharad in the year 1391 . In this poem , the poet expresses his feelings about being at the beginning of a process that ended , a century later , with the expulsion of his people from Spain . It seems that the first Jews arrived in the Iberian Peninsula in Roman times ; but , almost up to the beginning of the twentieth century , Jews and Christians alike thought that the Jews of Sepharad were the descendents of those Nebuchadnezzar had brought with him to Spain after his conquest of Jerusalem . For that reason , the Sephardic Jews considered themselves to be the exclusive descendents of the inhabitants of Jerusalem . In the fourteenth century , they were completely settled in a country , to which , according to them , they had arrived about two thousand years earlier . Solomon de Piera’s time was one of hunger and epidemics , of exaltation...  אל הספר
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