Is there halakhic validity [ hereafter : validity ] to a transaction that is concluded with a handshake , a toast or saying the words " mazal and brakhah " ? What is the halakhic status of signing a contract , registering real estate at the Land Registry Office , transactions in future goods , auctions , and online sales transactions ? This book addresses these and similar issues . The subject of the book is the validity of commercial customs ( practices ) involving the transfer of ownership and the creation of an obligation . It examines the fascinating encounter between property law and monetary customs , and more generally , the interaction between Jewish law ( halakhah ) and custom . The focus is on the gap which exists between Jewish law and the dynamic practices of merchants [ minhag hasoharim ] as well as the ways in which halakhic decisors [ hereafter : decisors ] deal with this gap . In order for the transferof ownership and the creation of an obligation to have legal validity...  אל הספר
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