What does the role of an “ organizational consultant ” mean for you ? Varda Zilberberg , Shani Kuna and Ronit Kurtz The aim of this study was to explore clients ’ perceptions of OD ( Organizational Development ) and of OD consultants . The authors adopted a grounded - theory phenomenological approach . Fifteen managers , clients of OD , were interviewed by dyads of OD consultants , members of the Israeli OD Association . Based on the content analysis of the interviews , a five themed model is presented : 1 . The benefits of OD : all interviewees valued the opportunity to work with an OD consultant , but added that the consultant was not sufficiently valued by the organization . 2 . The consultant is expected to be a ‘ superman ’ : smart as an owl , protective as a lioness , strong as a lion , but also fundamentally humble . 3 . How to work with consultants : choosing the consultant is based , on her perceived professional experience , organizational fit and ‘ chemistry ’ . In addition ...  אל הספר
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