Active learning instruction: Cultivating the skills of pupils with learning disabilities

Edna Rubin , Varda Bar , Heidi Flavian This book presents ideas for teaching sciences in heterogeneous classes that include pupils with learning disabilities . It proposes teaching which , ׳ sciences to all pupils through ׳ active learning instruction contributes to the development of cognitive skills and infrastructural physical skills . This teaching approach is based on theories of learning and on approaches that are extensively reviewed throughout the book . - At the heart of ׳ active learning instruction ׳ lies the principle of hands on learning . Its use in teaching sciences is a natural part of the training and practice that leads to improvement of impaired skills among pupils with learning disabilities . Cultivation of the skills is achieved while teaching scientifi c content . Active learning instruction of content , enables the development of a variety of skills such as organizing objects time and space , and practicing gross and fi ne motor skills to perform scientifi c acti...  אל הספר
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