THE DYNAMICS OF MOTIVES IN SOME WORKS BY S . Y . AGNON by Yair Mazor Tel-Aviv University , Department of Hebrew Literature All rights reserved by Dekel Academic Press P . O . Box 6076 , Tel-Aviv Israel , 1979 . This thesis consists of two parts - a theoretical and a practical- one . Part I deals theoretically with one of the phenomena of the literary text , to which no systematic description and analy- sis were accorded heretofore - the dynamics of the diachronic aspect of motives in literary works . Existing research in the nature of the motif is largely synchronic . Scholars regard each motif , with all its components , all through the work , as a single whole , having a single all - round meaning , and it is this " whole" that they seek to examine and formulate . In the main , they ignore the two kinds of the dynamics of the motif : a ) Thematic dynamics , i . e . changes taking place in the nature of the mot if-component s as they occur along the unfold- ing text , or changes in th...  אל הספר
הוצאת דקל - פרסומים אקדמיים בע"מ