Changing the Landscape: Pluralist Jewish Education in the UK

Helena Miller Introduction The ways in which the Jewish community in the UK has met the challenge of living in a pluralist society , as well as within a pluralist Jewish community , are addressed in this chapter as the changing pattern of Jewish education is explored . The development of a Jewish schooling system in the UK has reflected social , political and historical situations spanning five centuries . These developments have occurred in response to shifting perspectives within the main religious denominations in the mainstream Jewish community , as well as in response to educational , cultural and demographic changes in the UK in general , all of which impacted in different ways on Jewish schooling . Defining pluralism in the context of Jewish schools is complex and this chapter looks at what pluralism means both within a school and in the school's relationship with the wider community . In this paper the terms cross-communal and community are used in addition to the term pluralis...  אל הספר
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