?Does Pluralistic Diversity Require Robust Consensus

Jen Glaser In this paper I am going to suggest that in order to remain healthy , pluralistic Jewish communities ) and indeed civic societies in general ( require robust consensus . This of course places the onus on me to explain why this is the case and to point to what I think such consensus consists in . 'Pluralistic diversity' seems to be an oxymoron . It looks like 'plural' and 'diverse' point to the same thing . Getting to the difference requires me to share with you my understanding of the term pluralism , and how I choose to differentiate between robust and weak forms of consensus . Both are open to multiple interpretations and the way I understand them impacts strongly on what I have to say about what we need to keep in mind if we want Jewish communities , across their diversity , to flourish . There is a difference between plurality and pluralism . Plurality points to sheer multiplicity – to there being at least two things , not merely one . These 'many things' might be truths...  אל הספר
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