Introduction to the first section Jewish Education in Israel: Expressions of Plurality

Yuval Dror This book , as well as this introductory chapter on the Israeli context , focuses on pluralistic Judaism and pluralistic Jewish education for that pluralism . The discourse on Judaism and Jewish education in Israel today abounds with expressions such as renaissance , cultural vitality and renewal . The starting point is the legitimation of plurality and an invitation for open and creative discourse within and between Jewish cultures , along with the rejection of the dichotomous discourse of religiousness vs . secularity . Various practices of Jewish education are presented in this book , with an analysis and critique of its underlying plurality and basic assumptions . The seven papers of the first section of the book draw a picture of the state of Jewish education in Israel over the past decades , which is complex and difficult to grasp in its entirety . As defined by Yair Sheleg in "The Renaissance of Judaism in Israeli Society" ) 2011 ( , it : is directed along two main ch...  אל הספר
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