The Place of Israel and Jewish Peoplehood in Jewish Education in the Diaspora: An Australian Case Study

Danny Ben Moshe and David Mittelberg Introduction This chapter aims to identify the different ways israel is conceptualized and focussed on in the Zionist day schools in Melbourne , Australia . It seeks to establish a comparison between schools , which all define themselves as Zionist , in how they differentially engage their students with Israel . This analysis considers how Israel is conveyed in the context of the school's ideological orientations . Methodology Four schools were selected on the basis that they reflect different sectors of the Melbourne Jewish community but define themselves as Zionist : Bialik College , The King David School , Mount Scopus Memorial College , and Leibler Yavneh College . This selection enabled a comparative analysis to explore different definitions of Zionism and approaches to teaching about Israel and instilling Zionist values . The research and analysis is based on three main sources of information :  אל הספר
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