Is Something Better than Nothing? The Personalization of Judaism as a Provocation to Pluralistic Jewish Educators in North America

Alex Pomson In Israel , the language of Jewish religious life is dichotomized around the differences between the religious and secular . In North America , a more fluid set of categories has emerged for the discussion of contemporary Judaism , with increasing evidence of what has been called "the personalization of religion" ) Luckman , 2003 ( . The general characteristics of this phenomenon were first noted more than 20 years ago by Bellah and his collaborators in their ) 1985 ( study , Habits of the Heart . Over the intervening years , sociologists have confirmed a Jewish counterpart to these personalizing trends as they have played out "beyond the synagogue walls" ) Davidman , 2003 ( . My paper takes up a novel point for observing these phenomena by examining their expression from the perspective of the Jewish day school . Drawing on data from the ethnographic study of Jewish day school parents in two different North American communities , this paper , first , makes explicit what I ...  אל הספר
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