What makes Jewish schools pluralistic? A case study in Jewish day schools in Brussels, Paris and Geneva

Zehavit Gross The aim of this research is to analyze the question : What makes Jewish schools pluralistic ? Following Scolnikov ) 2000 , p . 32 ( , I use the term pluralism to refer to diverse competing legitimate worldviews . Worldviews include organized systems of faith and opinions about the world and its components . This may include competing conceptions of the good ) clusters of values , attitudes and opinions that carry different priorities ( , and different ways of behaving . My claim is that a change in the nature of the educational discourse constructs schools either as monistic and traditional in nature , or as pluralistic . I don't mean to claim here that there is only one type of traditional or pluralistic construct . On the contrary , there are diverse modes of pluralistic schools that are the outcome of diverse discourses , however to explore this further is beyond the scope of this article . My claim here is that the educational discourse that describes and analyzes the...  אל הספר
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