Jewish Demography and Jewish Education in the UK: The Continuity Crisis and Jewish Renewal Efforts

Rona Hart Introduction British Jewry has been dominated by two looming narratives in the past decade : anti-Semitism and the continuity crisis . Anti-Semitism has troubled and pained Jewish communities worldwide for many years now , but today it seems to have reached new heights , specifically in Europe , sparking new fears as it disrupts Jewish communal life and injures Jews as individuals . At the same time , the most pressing contemporary Jewish anxiety is that of Jewish continuity . Jewish communities in the Diaspora are declining demographically compared with Israel and with the larger societies of which they are a part ) Jewish People Policy Planning Institute , 2005 ; DellaPergola , 2006 ( , and British Jewry is no exception ) Figure 1 ( . The Continuity Crisis is often perceived as a consequence of changes in Jewish family patterns : higher rates of out-marriage and non-marriage , late marriage , new cohabitation and divorce patterns , and the ensuing low birth rates . However ...  אל הספר
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