Introduction Jewish COmmunities around the world: Contexts, Practices and the common good

Jen Glaser The following seven papers offer windows into the play of Jewish life in the contemporary Diaspora . Covering cities in North America and Canada , Europe , Latin America , the UK and Australia , the papers focus on the lived Jewish experience as it has unfolded within these communities , and the particular challenges facing Jewish education today in light of these historic developments . They offer us a glimpse of the inner texture of how diversity and coherence are structured within these communities , pointing to the major influences that have shaped them , both with regard to their internal relations ) across sectors of the Jewish community ( and to the way Jewish communities have developed in light of the broader societies of which they are part . Within these essays you will find diversity referenced through a broad variety of terms ) multiculturalism , pluralism , multiracialism , cultural pluralism , religious pluralism ( , most often reflecting the different discipli...  אל הספר
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