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Danny Ben-Moshe is Associate Professor at Victoria University in Melbourne Australia . His primary area of research is in the area of comparative Diasporas . He co-edited Israel , the Diaspora and Identity ) WHO WITH , Sussex Academic Press , 2008 ( and has published widely on different aspects of Israel-Diaspora relations . Professor Ben-Moshe is also a documentary film maker whose films focus on Jewish and non- Jewish subjects described at www . identity-films . com He is a regular contributor of Op . Ed . articles with the "Jerusalem Post" and "Jerusalem Report" magazine . Jen Glaser is co-director of the Israel Centre for Philosophy in Education www . philosophy 4 life . org . She holds a Ph . D . in philosophy from the University of Melbourne and teaching qualifications from Sydney University , Australia . Her research interests include philosophy of education , conceptions of personal identity and group membership , pluralism , philosophy of place , hermeneutics , and children’s ...  אל הספר
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