Thy destroyers and they that made thee waste shall come from amongst your lovers On the process of the dissolution of the Jewish in the Western ) from paradigm to "reasonable possibility" ( Yitzhak Ezuz The aim of the book is to highlight the Sages' ) Khazal ( essential thought characteristics and meanings they contributed to central concepts in the Hebrew language and their vital importance to thought processes in the democratic era , especially in the era of singularity which we face . In the preface I suggest to replace the popular concept of "paradigm" with the concept of "proposition" , a preference based on insights suggested by Kuhn fifty years ago and insights emerging from the three parts of the book . Already Kuhn demonstrated that positivistic science did not arrive at a unified theory in physics , let alone in other areas - a task it undertook since Newton ; hence it is impossible to hold on to this approach . Kuhn demonstrated that renewal can emerge only at stages in whic...  אל הספר
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