Publishing original scholarship investigatingthe founding and cultural evolution the State of Israel , [ Israel Studies ] takes a truly interdisciplinary approach , encompassing not only history , economics , and political science but also literature and sociology . " Library Journal Israel Studies is a publication of and edited at the Ben-Gurion Research Center , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev . It presents multidisciplinary scholarship on Israeli history , politics , society , and culture . It is published three times a year . Each issue includes essays and documents on issues of broad interest reflecting diverse points of view . Temporal boundaries extend to the pre-state period , although emphasis is on the State of Israel . Due recognition is also given to events and phenomena in Diaspora communities as they affect the Israeli State . In addition to articles , issues include documents and review essays of recent scholarly research on Israel . : S . Ilan Troen Assistant Editor ...  אל הספר
מכון בן-גוריון לחקר ישראל והציונות, אוניברסיטת בן-גורין בנגב