Art Now - A Sharp Turn to the Gulf: Dreamers and Doers

contemporary art world is headed East , toward the Gulf , launching monumenta l projects . five years the world ' s best architects , artists , and leading galleries and auction houses will be in one place in the United Arab Emirates called Dubai . Rachel Sukman The dream of shifting the center of gravity from the West to the East is taking shape these days . How ? With an unprecedented investment of gigantic budgets centered on human resources . Thus , at top speed that only big money can secure , the Gulf is gradually establishing itself as a hub of culture and art on an international scale . The thought behind this concerns not only commerce , but also art education , as well as the heritage of the East and a future dialogue between those coming from the West and those staying in the East . Two years ago the Abu Dhabi Tourism Development & Investment Company ( TDIC ) approached leading architects , artists , museums , galleries , curators , collectors , and organizers of internation...  אל הספר
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