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Dualism as a Stylistic Characteristic in the Discussion of Prayer by R . Joseph Albo Dror Erlich R . Joseph Albo's treatment of the theological and philosophical aspects of prayer , distinguished from the legal , historic and liturgical aspects , is , to a great extent , an unusual phenomenon in medieval Jewish thought - both in its quantity and in its quality . From the standpoint of quantity , the central discussion of prayer in the sixteenth to twenty-fourth section of the fourth part is an exceptionally long discussion . From the standpoint of quality , we have here one of the earliest attempts in the history of Jewish philosophy to present a systematic and comprehensive theory about the significance of prayer , its spiritual and religious foundations , its internal dynamics , its purpose and results , dealing with all its problems : philosophical , psychological , theological and hermeneutic . The purpose of this article is , therefore , to discuss the various aspects of the R . A...  אל הספר
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