greatly gratified to present the second volume of Kenishta , just year after the appearance of the first . The first volume was well , as evidenced by its sales . Further evidence of its reception is the many serious scholars have offered contributions for future . We have a number of articles ready for the third volume and we scholars who wish to contribute to the study of the world of the to submit their papers to the editorial board . subjects dealt with in this volume are varied , as befits the nature of synagogue which encompasses so many facets of Jewish life . The of the synagogue is the subject of a study by Bracha Yaniv , who how architectural considerations influenced the decoration of the arks and how the decorations caused traditional motifs to be . The article is illustrated with pictures , some of them quite concept of the synagogue is discussed in an article by Jeffrey who presents new evidence for the ways in which the synagogue considered a surrogate "Temple " . As we ...  אל הספר
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