Common Prayer in Philo's In Flaccum 121-124

P 1 ETER W . VAN DER HORST paper I will deal briefly with a prayer found in Philo ' s In Flaccum . In is one of the two so-called historical treatises of this Alexandrian hilosopher . The treatise certainly describes historical events , but it with so many novelistic embellishments and with such an obvious purpose that the designation "historical treatise" needs some . Apart from writing history , Philo also wants to console his by means of the conviction that God , in his benign providence , desert his people in times of great distress ( the parallel with the Esther is clear ) . Furthermore , he is probably trying to warn the new Governor of Egypt not to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor . describes how , in the late summer of 38 , with the connivance and even Flaccus , Roman Governor of Alexandria and Egypt from 32-38 of Greeks and Egyptians had begun a pogrom against the large community of Alexandria . Synagogues and houses were destroyed , of Jewish men and women were tort...  אל הספר
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