Abstracts of Hebrew Articles

The Synagogue in Medieval Franco-Germany : Between Perception and Law Jeffrey R . Woolf y explores the unique and tangible way in which medieval Jewry ( c . 900-1300 ) defined the synagogue and prayerwithin the frame of reference of the Temple in Jerusalem and the service which took place therein . It is argued that while and synagogue service throughout the ages were understood to relationship to the Temple ( Miqdash Me ' at ) , nevertheless , in Germany , this relationship was manifested in terms that verged on between the two . The intimate connection between Temple Synagogue finds expression first in the realm of Law . Thus , practices with proper decorum in the synagogue are classified under the behavior in the Temple { Mora Miqdash ) , as opposed to Spanish who place them in the context of the Laws of Prayer . In again in contrast to the Spanish orbit , the perception of the as Temple led to the imposition of Temple-based laws of upon those entering the synagogue ( in the case of...  אל הספר
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