Method of Explaining Words " , Moshe Ahrend notes that , although commentator , not a lexicographer or a lexicologist , yet Avineri collect an extensive Biblical and Talmudic "dictionary" from commentaries . This extensive explaining of words came into being s being aware of the first systematic Hebrew dictionaries . Rashi a limited and critical use of the 'Notebook' of Menahem b . in explaining Talmudic terms has been described carefully by Frankel ; his explanatory use of non-Hebrew terms has been studied , to be studied , by a long list of scholars . Yet , Ahrend suggests , a ption of Rashi's method of explaining words in his Bible still needed . In this study he systematically presents some work , including N . Leibowitz , and adds some ofhis own findings . the following two principles : a ) Rashi only explained difficult the dictionary based on his commentary lacks well-known words , them only when they have unusual meanings . b ) Rashi ' s Biblical presents only the plain meaning...  אל הספר
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