The book deals with the struggle of the early Hebrew Maskilim ( enlighteners ) in Germany in the last quarter of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century rejuvenate and redefine Judaism to be what this writer terms ' the Haskalah Judaism . ' The Maskilim argued that they wished to resuscitate Judaism and restore it to its pristine state while concurrently revitalize the Jewish people and its culture . The medium this revival was the revived Hebrew language and its literature One of the prime sources of influence on these trends in Haskalah is attributed to the European Enlightenment and thought , and the changes its pundits aspired to affect in society culture and religion in Europe . These Enlightenment writers and philosophers advocated major changes in the way of thinking , placing the emphasis human reason rather than church or scriptural authority evaluating all phenomena of life . They applied rational and critical thinking , based on scientific criteria...  אל הספר
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