(Hecataeus of Abdera and a Jewish »patrios politeia« of the Persian Period (Diodorus SiculusXL,3

Hecataeus of Abdera and a Jewish » patrios politeia « of the Persian Period ( Diodorus SiculusXL , 3 ) BDoron Mendels y ( The Hebrew University , Jerusalem ) In discussing the polity of the Jews found in Diodorus SiculusXL . 3 , one has to bear in mind that this fragment , coming down to us from the > Bibliotheke < of Photius , and commonly attributed to Hecataeus of Abdera , contains an epitome of two subjects which were , presumably , dealt with separately by Hecataeus himself : an account of Jewish » history " from the exodus until the entry into Palestine , and the Jewish politeia . It would seem that Diodorus himself emphasizes the existence of such a separate treatment of the two subjects by Hecataeus ( XL , 3 . 1 ) . Such a distinction is also reflected in Josephus , Contra Apionem , I , 189 which I , among others , believe to be drawing on the same Hecataeus . From this evidence one may deem it probable that Hecataeus , in his book » Peri Ioudaion « ( if such a book existed ind...  אל הספר
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