Emotions in Teaching and Educational Leadership

Editor : Prof . Izhar Oplatka Articles based on think - tank outputs Academic achievements , pedagogical standards , teacher ’ s accountability , competition , and marketing are among the main themes that have dominated discourse in the education system . Emotions have no place in what is perceived as this neo - liberal worldview . Needless to say , emotions are part of teachers ’ and principal ’ s professional world and direct their educational work . Emotions in teaching and educational leadership is the first attempt in Israel to systematically analyze , the emotional aspects of the work of educators . The authors use research tools to illuminate the expression and suppression of emotions , means of emotion regulation , and teachers ’ and principal ’ s feelings . Readers are exposed to the emotions of teachers and principals in times of educational changes , organizational crises , and discipline problems , and learn about the place of the many emotions that their work generates , a...  אל הספר
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