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Introduction One of the fundamental questions in the study of the history of Halacha ( Jewish law ) , is clarifying the relationship between the written and oral parts of the Torah . This inquiry has occupied legal scholars , philosophers and researchers for many generations . A comprehensive debate in this subject may be found in the first two sections of Sefer HaMitzvoth . In these two sections , Maimonides and Nachmanides set out to define and demarcate the boundaries of Biblical law ( D ’ Oraitha ) and Rabbinical law ( D ’ Rabbanan ) . Their writings uncover a series of disputes regarding the foundations of the Oral Law . These two legal giants described the history of Halacha in significantly different fashions . They ascribed different legal statuses to various Halachic categories , and presented different sources as the basis of the legal authority for these categories of law . We will describe the various disagreements between Maimonides and Nachmanides and attempt to clarify t...  אל הספר
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