26 ) . The cognomen “ al - Safra " “( yellow " ) is apparently the only one – out of eighteen community synagogues – remaining in Aleppo . The others have been destroyed or converted into mosques . In the early twentieth century , Rauschberger and Herzfeld suggested that the synagogue dated from the Byzantine era , but no earlier than the fifth century CE . The synagogue contains several inscriptions , most of them dated to the late Middle Ages , although the oldest surviving inscription is from 834 CE Dothan 1957 , 27 ) . Today , this inscription is located above the windows on the ) western wall , but at a tilt that attests to its having been moved from its original location . The text of the inscription may hold a clue to where it was originally located . The Arabic inscription reads : “ This is the dome that Ali Bar Nathan Bar Mavser Bar Hadam built with his funds and labor , in the year 834 CE . " The only dome in the synagogue covers the pavilion in the center of the courtyard fi...  אל הספר
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