DECLARED AND INTUITIVE PROSODY OF MEDIEVAL POETS – A COGNITIVE AND COMPARATIVE STUDY Reuven Zur This article examines prosodic instances in the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry poetics . These prosodic differences between declared poetry and poetic texts , which are the result of intuitive action , are explained through comparative cognitive study . This article is one in a series of research projects that seek to meet the same syntactic structures and prosodies which give a description of a small number of rhythmic - stylistic intuitions of poetry readers . The article uses examples of the poetry of Rabbi Yehuda Halevy and Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol . The second part of this study will appear in a future issue of this journal . TIME AND SPACE IN H bREwe PLEAS FOR FORGIVENESS – FROM THE bIbLE TO THE EARLY P tyyui Ariel Zinder This article examines liturgical poems ) piyyutim ( in which the speakers ask for forgiveness for their sins . My intention is to demonstrate the creation , within these...  אל הספר
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