The present volume focuses on how the Arab minority in Israel relates to the definition of the country as a “ Jewish state . ” The question is especially relevant in light of its members ’ growing criticism , in recent years , of the ’State s attempts to buttress this definition . The criticism is heard with greater intensity at the start of every new round of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians , catalyzed by Israel ’ s demand that the Palestinians recognize it as a Jewish state . This criticism is also voiced by most members of the Arab intellectual and political elite in response to initiatives that would anchor Israel ’ s definition as a Jewish nation - state in the lawbook . This is the context of the questions raised in this book : What are the practical ramifications , for the Arab sector , of Israel ’ s characterization as a “ Jewish state ” ? Do Arabs balk at it for ideological reasons or pragmatic reasons ? Is the notion of a “ Jewish and democratic state , ” com...  אל הספר
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