90ᵗʰ anniversary of World War One in Israel

Rami Haruvi The Eretz Yisrael theatre of World War One was of secondary importance , when compared with the theatre of war raging in Europe , yet it had crucial consequences for world history as a whole and for the history of the Zionist movement in particular . Despite the importance of these historic events in the historyof the region and the nation , they are not imbued in the nation ' s historic memory , They do not appear in school history books and are not afforded due recognition . The year 2007 marked the 90 "' anniversary of the Hrst World War in Eretz Yisrael as well as the Ealfour Declaration . To mark this important occasion , 'The Society for the Heritageof World War One in Eretz Yisrael' decided to hold a series of significant events and activities , combining education and tourism , The Society , which is run and managed by volunteers , has 300 members and honorary members , all dedicated to bringing the subject to the attention of the Israeli public . The Society is com...  אל הספר
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