Avi Navon / Thrilling moments The reenactmenl of the ANZAC Trail' by a large group of Australians was a large-scale and complex event . The planning , preparations , production and successful execution were fraught with difficulties and with p leasure , with success and with frustration , with a feeling of elation as well as a great deal of hard work . At the same ti ' wc , there were thrilling moments and complete surprises > oftenasaresuitofamazing coincidences , Four such stories are related here . Gideon Biger / A centenary of the border between Israel and Egypt The drawing up of the demarcation line between Eretz Yisrael and Egypt was the result of the Taba crisis ' , which marked the start of the armed conflict between the Turks and the British in the region and which reached its height in WWLOn the centenaryof its first demarcation , we can recordthe stages which Jed to the border ' s determination from then until modern times : - Demarcation of the border line between the Ottom...  אל הספר
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