In the shadow of the continuing deadlock on the Western Front in France , in June 1917 , Allenby set out to command the Eastern Front . As a parting blessing , the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George expressed the wish of the British people : a significant breakthrough on the Palestine Front and the capture of Jerusalem by Christmas . His words contained a symbolic challenge . Jerusalem also inspired the troops in their month-long struggle , overcoming rocky precipices , stormy weather and fierce Turkish resistance to capture the city that was viewed as both a strategic threat and a prized religious symbol . In the event , however , the strategic threat turned out to be weak , the Holy City surrendered and handed over the keys to its gates . With the capture of Jerusalem , the military campaign reached its climax . This book summarizes the Tenth Annual Conference of the Society for the Heritage of WWI in Israel in Jerusalem , which concentrated on the military , political and cul...  אל הספר
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