"E'cole de Milan"

By : Shahaf Hagafny Abstract This work deals with a group of about ten men . They were active in Lombardy ( most of them were from Milan ) in the second half of the Century-Eighteenth . The "leader" was the Count Pietro Verri , an editor , economist and historian . The most famous was the Marquis Cesare Beccaria , the author of Dei' delitti e delle 'pene ( 1764 ) . The third figure was the scientist and the inventor Paolo Frisi . The forth was the reformastor Gianrinaldo Carli . The fifth was the writer and the poet Alessandro Verri . The sixth was the professor Alfonso Longo . The seventh was the Cremonian Giambattista Biffi . The eightth was the diplomat Luigi Lambertenghi . The nineth was Pietro 'Commeno-Secchi and the tenth - Giuseppe Visconti . Most of them were aristocrats ( two - Longo and Frisi - were enlightened priests ) . The main problems they had to deal with were typical to this period : the lack of indenpendence ; the Jesuits and the Inquisition ; the clerical Censorship...  אל הספר
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