Graphic texts as literacy enhancing tools in early childhood Eva Teubal and Ainat Guberman Graphic texts – illustrations , photographs , icons , calendars , and so on – constitute an important part of the environment in which we live . They appear both as independent texts and as texts that are combined with one another , and with written and spoken language – on television , on the computer , on billboards , on traffic signs , in the press , and in the working world as well as in the academic world . Out of this broad spectrum , both education systems and the domain of research have focused their attention almost exclusively upon spoken and written language , while until this very day , non-verbal graphic texts have not been accorded their rightful place . This book aims to draw the attention of educators : teachers , parents , teacher educators , and policy makers to the potential contribution of non-verbal graphic texts to the empowerment of learning and thinking processes , express...  אל הספר
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