The Jewish Renaissance in Israeli Society The Emergence of a New Jew Yair Sheleg Over the last two decades , a renewal of interest in Judaism has become increasingly conspicuous in Israeli society . This trend is evident both within secular groups , who formerly took no interest in Judaism , and within religious groups , who were obviously engaged with Judaism in the past , but whose engagement is notably different today than in previous generations , having become far more cultural and spiritual than halakhic ( i . e ., related to Jewish law ) . Indications of this renewed interest are visible everywhere – in dozens of Jewish study centers and study groups that have sprung up throughout the country ; in many newly established prayer communities that serve as substitutes for synagogues identified with various religious streams ( this is due to the desire of some secular people to distinguish themselves not only from Orthodoxy but also from liberal religious groups , such as the Conserv...  אל הספר
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