Brith-Milah Songs of the Bukharian Jews: Genres and Musical Style

Elena Reikher ) Temin ( Up to the present day , the traditional songs of the Bukharian Jews remain an insufficiently researched part of their musical heritage . The ritual songs re- - lated to the life of the child , its birth and growing up , are even less known . These songs are an important part of the family events devoted to motherhood and childhood , which play a significant role in the life cycle of the Bukhari- ian Jews . They are also of interest as a reflection of the Jewish tradition of the people , and provide a rich source of material for a study of the style of the BukharianiJewish vocal music and its relations with the UzbekiTajik musical culture . In order to understand the significance of the brith-milah ritual in family life , and the content of its musical repertoire , one should dwell on the role of the child in the BukharianiJewish family and on certain aspects of the child’s upbringing . Researchers note that children have always been of paramount importance in th...  אל הספר
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