Performance Styles of a Bukharian Singer

Evan Rapport Over the past twenty years or so , tens of thousands of Bukharian Jews , hailing from cities such as Bukhara , Samarkand , Shahrisabz , and Tashkent in Uzbeki- - stan , and Dushanbe in Tajikistan , have firmly established a strong community with a vibrant cultural life in Queens , New York . Historically , their mother tongue is the Tajik dialect of Persian , now written using the Cyrillic alphabet because of past Soviet policy . Many Bukharians in New York are multilingual , speaking Tajik , Russian , Uzbek , Hebrew , and English to different degrees . This article is based on fieldwork conducted with Ezra Malakov , a Bukharian singe- er from Shahrisabz , and later Tashkent , who immigrated to Queens in 1992 . Malakov is an accomplished exponent of many different styles , such as Tajik- Uzbek › a › maqom , a › ula-i kalon , folk music , and sacred music . He is a cantor at a Bukharian synagogue , performs in venues ranging from local libraries to world-famous concert hall...  אל הספר
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