Those Notes In Minor Tones Oriental Themes, Liturgical Debates, and Musical Icons in Nineteenth-Century Italy

Francesco Spagnolo Almost invariably , each and every survey of Italian Jewish history stresses the antiquity of the Jewish presence in the peninsula , its venerable roots in the territory , and the ancientness of its rituals . This attitude is attested in the writings of the most prominent historians of Italian Jewry – Cecil Roth and Attilio Milano . Roth , in his pioneering study ) 1946 ( , affirmed the notions of antiquity and continuity connected with the Jews of Italy : The history of the Jews of Italy is indeed of profound antiquity . It is the only land – except Palestine and the regions bordering on it – the Jewish connections of which have been unbroken from remote times down to the present day . The continuity of Italian life is one of that country’s most remarkable features . But its Jewish communities are older than even its most venerable corporations ; and if there is now in Rome any institution more ancient than the Papacy , it is the Synagogue . Compared with this recor...  אל הספר
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