From Spain to the Eastern Mediterranean and Back A Song as a Metaphor of Modern Sephardic Culture

It is no exaggeration to state that performances , recordings and publications of songs in Ladino are one of the most conspicuous public displays of Sephardiness at the outset of the twenty-first century . The standing of the Edwin Seroussi 1 Since its inception , this paper was refined several times until it took its present ) and probably not definitive ( form . Earlier versions were read at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem ) in Hebrew , 7 May 2001 ( and at the Conference of Jewish Music at Yale University ) entitled “ The Modern Odyssey of the Judeo- Spanish Folksong , ” May 2003 ( . Many insights added to this paper were provided by colleagues following these earlier presentations . Yet , this paper could not have taken its present shape without the decisive contribution of Joel Bresler , who established an Internet database of Ladino song recordings ) www . sephardicmusic . org ( . This database proved a crucial resource for the comprehensiveness of this article , for which Bre...  אל הספר
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