Ethnic Hearing in the Sociocultural Margins Identifying Homo Musicans Polyethnoaudiens

Izaly I . Zemtsovsky “ Nothing is more exclusively national and individual than the modes of gratifying the ear ... " Johann Gottfried Herder “ It’s as difficult to sing without the ear of a listener as it’s easy to sing without a voice ... ” Aleksander Herzen Cultural intersections become the norm of musical existence and coexistence in an era of globalization and intensification of sociocultural margins . Considering the situation of modern music , the musicologist will be seriously concerned with the problem of perception in such a world , and particularly with the ability of a modern music lover – the Homo Musicans – to cope with this increasing variety of surrounding music practices . It is apparent to me that the Homo Musicans of today inevitably will become a consumer of different music styles and traditions , i . e . will be transformed into Homo Musicans Ethnopolyaudiens .  אל הספר
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