Judezmo and Haketia Inanimate Nouns with Hebrew-Origin Bases and Romance-Origin Affixes

1 . Hebraisms in Jewish languages as a converse reflection of foreignisms in Hebrew Common to Judezmo , Haketia and Judeo-Arabic , as well as languages , is their "fusion" nature . Elements at all linguistic drawn from several stock languages . In addition to their components - Jewish Ibero-Romance in the instances of Judezmo and Haketia ( = Ha . ) , Arabic in the case of Judeo-Arabic languages incorporate components preserved from preceding languages or " pre-languages " , such as Judeo-Arabic and Judeo the pre-Expulsion Jewish Ibero-Romance from which Haketia sprang , and ( Judeo- ) Latin in North African Judeo Jewish languages transported through migration also bear the of new local adstrata , such as Ottoman Turkish in Judezmo , Arabic in Haketia and the Judeo-Arabic of North Africa , as languages of prestige and power , such as French , Spanish Western European languages with which Sephardim came in in the 20 th century , frequentl y adopted for daily use . 2 characteristically , ...  אל הספר
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