literature and the Haredi press have been criticizing Israeli for several decades . Some of their claims address in principle : sovereignty of the people , the fundamental of democracy—especially freedom , but also equality and public’s ability to decide fateful issues . Other claims are of a concrete nature , seeking to demonstrate that the principles of are applied selectively in the State of Israel , according the interests and even the whims of its “ knights of democracy” — liberal and secular left . These claims share a common underlying and fundamental premise : Democracy is perceived as that is manipulated and misused by the ruling elites . Pointed on Israel’s system of government are expressed constantly influential platforms in the Haredi world . The Haredim themselves almost never attempt to present their to the secular or national religious public . They do not fear the sacred cows of secular Israel , yet are apprehensive doing so right before the eyes of those who “ worship...  אל הספר
המכון הישראלי לדמוקרטיה ע"ר