Religion and State in Twentieth-Century Jewish Thought

Edited by Aviezer Ravitzky The relationship between religion and state is among the most vital issues affecting cultural and political life in Israeli society . It leads to the creation of political parties , forges coalitions , and brings down governments . It plays a role in every public discussion about a constitution , about the law , and about civil rights . It is at the crux of the debate on questions of national identity and culture and leaves an indelible stamp on Israel-Diaspora relations . We may assume , then , that the religion and state relationship will continue to be both a short-term and a long-term pivot of concern and controversy-communally , legally , ideologically , and existentially . This book appears in the wake of a previous volume by this editor , Religion and State in Jewish Philosophy : Models of Unity , Division , Collision and Subordination ( Jerusalem : The Israel Democracy Institute , 1998 ) . While the previous volume concentrated on constitutive systems...  אל הספר
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