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an Space Dani Yahav Brown 14-16 [ Hebrew ] Border-Crossing as Illusion : Performance Art , Virtual Networks , and Scenes of Action Yaron David 17-19 [ Hebrew ] Exhibitions London I Impressions from the Frieze and Zoo Art Fairs Orit Hasson-Walder 24-25 [ Hebrew Artist ' s Pages Hilla Toony Navok 26-27 Border Line Judeide Maker I Art on the Map Dalya Markovich 28-29 Exhibitions Tel Aviv I Skullcap Football : On Eran Shakine Exhibition "Sabbath Match" David Sperber 30-33 [ Hebrew ] Historical Buildings Meet Contemporary Art Rachel Sukman 34-45 * English page numbers follow the Hebrew reading direction , from right to left . Terminal - A review of 21 st century art December 2008 Published since 1996 Winnerof the 2004 Design Award on behalf of GDAI - Graphic Designers Ass . of Israel Founder and Editor in Chief : Rachel Sukman Guest Editor : Dalya Markovich Editorial Board : Haya Friedberg Yoram Oron , Rivka Rass Texts : Dror Burstein , Yaron David , Orit Hasson-Walder , Dalya Markovich , D...  אל הספר
טרמינל, כתב עת לאמנות המאה ה-21