New York, New York, Here I Come

One of the most difficult dilemmas that one faces in New York is not what to see but what not to see . With so many plays , dance performances , operas , museums and galleries on offer , the major question is how to select . New York is like eight cities grouped together ... Rivka Rass A major event in New York : the Metropolitan Opera opened its very exclusive citadel and went out to sing to the people , offering a lavish production of Donizetti ' s Lucia di Lammermoor . On September 24 , a huge screen and one thousand chairs were set up in front of the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center , and in Times Square as well , under open sky , to view a live high-definition digital broadcasting . The two thousand free tickets distributed a day before vanished in an hour : an inspiring event that makes New York what it is . New Yorkers flocked to both sites . I didn't have a ticket but went anyway . There were many like me . We stood at the gates , waiting . Sure enough , people who had extr...  אל הספר
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