Nature a la Weinstein

Gal Weinstein : Site-Seeing Tsibi Geva , Michael Gross , Jacob Pins , Ori Reisman The Art Gallery , University of Haifa Curator : Ruti Direktor 2 November 2007 - 5 January 2008 Ruti Direktor In the beginning were the windows . The high , broad glass windows of the Art Gallery at the University of Haifa ; 14 . 5 m wide and 3 . 20 m high , divided into nine panels that cause longitudinal striation , overlooking the spectacular landscape of Haifa Bay . Glass screens , intermittently transparent and opaque , which form the rear wall of a gallery , and by their very existence , as windows onto the landscape , are forever embroiled in latent rivalry with the art presented in the space which they delimit . This window wall , with its unique dimensions , inspired Gal Weinstein to create Site-Seeing - black PVC panels that make up a gigantic flat image of a geological section of the Negev . Wavy strips of geometrical signs - lines and dots - the arbitrary , yet accepted signs intended to mark t...  אל הספר
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