Light & Intimacy Jan Rauchwerger Talking about His Art

Prof . Yoram Oron Several years ago I wrote about Jan Rauchwerger in Terminal's "Studio Visit" section . He was restrained and guarded , but I was easily captivated by his basic painterly honesty and his apparent wisdom and warmth . He was indeed , as described by Rachel Sukman , "A painters' painter . " She had told me at the time : "Go , do this piece on him . You'll like it . " And I did . Recently , Jan had an extensive retrospective at the Israel Museum , Jerusalem . I spent several hours there and was deeply moved . To me it was such a welcoming experience , a pure aesthetic pleasure . I felt like opening a family album . Not my own , but one so warm that it could have been mine , only the pictures were so much better . I tried to call Jan several times in the next few days , just to tell him how much I owed him . For some reason I could not get his line and I felt sorry that I could not thank him for my pleasure . When Rachel Sukman asked me to interview him about his Israel Mus...  אל הספר
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